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Why Music?

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

The “Why” behind KK Fearless’ decision to choose music as a form of healing and expression to help those in recovery.

Krystle is playing one of the many songs she taught herself on the piano, Konstantine by the band Something Corporate. She loved the piano, the guitar, the drums, the violin… you name it. Krystle and Kevan had a knack for music and were, what some would call, virtuosos in whatever musical instrument they decided to play. This is how we plan to keep their legacies alive; by providing others access to music as they navigate through their own path to recovery.

Kevan loved playing the guitar. He would use his spare time to learn complex riffs and would crush anyone at guitar hero!

If you knew Kevan you knew that he was always sharing his favorite songs and lyrics with you. Or he was in the car with you jamming out to his favorite bands while playing air guitar and drums. Those are some of the fondest memories I have with him.

This is just a simple reminder behind our mission to provide local rehabs access to music to utilize as a form of therapy.

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