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Our Partnership with the Denver Rescue Mission until August 31st

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Harvest Farm is a 100-acre farm and rehabilitation center for men, located in Wellington, Colorado. Owned and operated by Denver Rescue Mission, the Farm hosts up to 72 men who participate in a long-term New Life Program with the goal of breaking the cycles of addiction and homelessness.

The New Life Program is offered free of charge to men seeking to exit substance abuse and homelessness. The New Life Program consists of:

  • Case Management

  • Work Therapy

  • Counseling

  • Spiritual Development

  • Education and Life Skills

After visiting this center with Kevan, it was clear to us that Harvest Farm's mission was more than just a band-aid solution and that their facility is dedicated to the on-going rehabilitation of these individuals who are committed to living an addiction-free lifestyle.

During the tour, we were drawn to their music room that, outside of their core program offerings, allows residents a place where they can go to unwind creatively through the therapy of music.

If you knew Kevan and Krystle personally, you know that music was their passion.

With the proceeds from our benefit show and all t-shirts sales, our goal is to upgrade this room with newer and better equipment.

We know that times are tough, so if you would like to contribute to this cause but can't donate monetarily at this time, we are also happily accepting donations for gently used musical instruments needing a new home.

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