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In N Out Donation

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Went to In-N-Out… for obvious reasons… and not so obvious reasons.

In-N-Out is partnering with an organization called Slave 2 Nothing that supports individuals living in recovery. Once we found out they were doing this, we knew we had to make a donation in honor of Krystle and for her birthday.

October is Substance Abuse Awareness Month and that means In-N-Out is matching all donations 3 to 1. So, I invite those of you to head to your nearest In-N-Out and make a donation! Don’t forget to get it animal style! 🤙

Happy birthday, Krystle! 💜

Head to our YouTube to see the video.

“We’re here today to support In N Out and specifically through the Slave 2 Nothing Foundation. We found out that one of the missions of this foundation created by In N Out was substance abuse awareness, prevention, treatment. All the things that KK Fearless also supports. So we’re here today to support them by donating. All donations are matched 3 to 1 by In N Out. In N Out currently has on their website that says 22.3 million Americans are living in recovery and it’s really really cool to see an institution with such high profile raising awareness to a cause that’s important to, not only us, but for families and communities all across the country and really the world.” - Stephanie Scott

“For those of you who don’t know, October is Substance Abuse Awareness Month. It’s also really special to us because Krystle’s birthday is in October and she would be 33 this year. So it’s super important to us that we’re here and that we’re able to give back to such a great cause and for her birthday, in honor of her. So, we’re gonna go inside and make a donation and eat some hamburgers. Animal style!” -Brooke Perez

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