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Brooke Perez is the Co-Founder and President of KK Fearless. Born and raised in Denver, CO, Brooke saw the battles her family members and friends went through with their own addiction and mental health. She watched her sister, Krystle, and brother, Kevan, suffer for over a decade with their difficulties. However, she also saw the beauty in how every time they were sober, they would turn to music and how the magic of music would heal them from the inside out, making them fearless. Unfortunately, Brooke lost Krystle and Kevan to addiction and mental health, but it is because of them that she is able to live on and share their story in hopes of making an impact in her community.

Brooke is currently in graduate school with the future of becoming a licensed addiction and behavioral health counselor to help better serve this at-risk population. During her collegiate career she has found better ways to help assist those struggling with an addiction and mental health issue while acknowledging that behind every person suffering, there is trauma imbedded within.

Not only through her lived experience, but through her dedication to her academics, Brooke holds a passion in making a difference in the lives of those who are suffering in the same ways her brother and sister were and this is how she plans to carry on their legacy.

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